Gastkünstler - Rone89

Something about Rone89

"I am the son of an artist, painter and sculptor. Since I was a child I was involved in art for my family. My first strokes were as a child, I liked to paint the lines of my eyes and interpret the colours of Matisse. As I grew up I began to appreciate my surroundings more, I began to look at lines in the streets, shopping centres, in the countryside, in the villages... I realised that everything is made up of lines. Many of my creations are from my own explorations, dreams I have when I sleep, or try to capture my moods. My work is empirical and experimental, my father was not a mentor in my artistic process, and he wanted it that way. He gave me the freedom to create my own things and experience my own elements. After several office jobs, none of which were art-related, I also didn't go to art academies. In 2014 I decided to stick with my strokes and dedicate myself to perfecting my perception, visualization and technique. Sometimes I don't have a clear idea, my brain and my hand begin to trace until I compose spaces, figures, and objects. Devoting myself to the arts and my work helps me to stay and get lost in reality, external problems I keep away from when I decided to get lost from them. The harmony and peace that building, creating, redesigning and trying again brings me is an artistic process that I enjoy very much and makes me feel free."

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